Our interior designers use state-of-the-art techniques to develop high-quality products. We breathe new life into our centuries-old craft thanks to our dedication to learning new techniques and moving with the times. Our very own team of professional fitters also guarantees flawless delivery and assembly.


The first step on the road to a beautiful interior is the design. You can either propose your own design or leave it to our interior architects. Our expert furniture makers transform every design into a beautiful interior!


We understand that if you are responsible for the construction or redevelopment of your company’s or institution’s building, you want it to be a success. You want to create a beautiful interior where employees, customers or patients are comfortable and can work efficiently. But there are so many people to please… We can help you incorporate all the requirements into a realistic design or realise a design that you provide.

A design partner with experience in your sector

Being in sync with each other is a huge plus when it comes to the design and realisation process. That’s why it’s smart to collaborate with a partner who has years of experience in your industry. We have that experience. Browse our portfolio and discover the industries in which we already delivered high-quality projects.

Everything under one roof

Do you also want all aspects of your interior design project to be organised simply and quickly? Then at Hubbers Interior Design, you’ve come to the right address. We take care of both the design and the realisation process – which means that we can guarantee that the design is actually feasible, and that the finished product is exactly as it should be.

The possibilities are endless

Here at Hubbers Interior Design, rather than asking whether something is possible, we focus our energy on devising a plan. We strive to develop tailor-made solutions for every single project.

Ready to start your succesful construction project?

A good place to start is to book an initial appointment with us. Meet our interior architects, visit our professional workshop, and tell us what you want.


Besides being delighted with the high standard of the finished product, we are also very pleased with the whole collaboration process. Hubbers takes care of you from A to Z with their personal approach, always thinking in terms of solutions, and responding quickly. Nothing is too much to ask. At Hubbers, the customer really is always king!

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