Do you have a design for a piece of furniture or a complete interior? Then the next step is to make that design a reality. We can transform any design into a beautiful interior – regardless of whether that design was produced by our own team of interior architects or you provide your own drawings.

Our architectural designers check your design and offer suggestions on the best way to bring it to life. We pull out all the stops to make sure the end result is practical, beautiful, and of the highest quality. All you have to do is relax.


Here at Hubbers we have our own production line, where all our furniture is made to measure with the greatest precision – including the furniture for your interior. Each piece of furniture is checked manually by one of our specialists.

Furniture is, of course, all about aesthetics and often one of the final pieces of the puzzle on a construction site. Our fitters are therefore meticulous and tidy as they go about their work. We make every effort to ensure that everything is just right and that your furniture or interior is flawless.



This department calculates all our interior projects. They calculate the cost price of hours and materials based on the design drawings, regardless of whether they were prepared internally by us or provided by you. These prices are combined with quotations requested from external suppliers. We are committed to offering fair prices, so you know exactly where you stand from the start.


This department is where your dreams really start to take shape. This team sends detailed instructions to machines and to our staff in the furniture workshop. Thanks to our meticulous planning and preparations, we can ensure that our products are of a high quality and are assembled at the agreed time, without a hitch.


Our expert furniture makers process sustainable materials using state-of-the-art machinery. A carpenter’s eye and a steady hand continue to be indispensable skills at Hubbers Interior Design, which originally started out life as an artisanal furniture workshop.


Our fitters put the icing on the cake. The care taken by these specialists not only ensures a super end result, but also minimises disruption to the client. We believe that a deal is a deal, and our team ensures that the space is spotless when they leave.